Saturday, February 11, 2012

Let's try this again

For months and months I’ve wanted to start writing in the blog again. I got behind at some point and it seemed so hard to write what was necessary to catch up. At one point I actually did it…spent hours finding the right background, the perfect pictures and most of all the right words to sum up months of our lives. I was so relieved to have it done! But then I got a message a few days later that there had been a technical glitch and all the work? Gone. Poof. Then of course homework and life got in the way and I kept thinking I’d get to it later. So instead of doing a photo recap of the last year I’m going to just start on what’s going on now and insert the recap later!

But maybe I should introduce a small addition to the blog….Avery Anne! God has blessed us so much. Avery Anne is an awesome little baby and Addy loves being her big sister. I couldn’t be happier with our little family. Having a second baby is scary. I felt (feel) such overwhelming love for Addy and the thought of having another baby to love really kept me up at night. I worried I wouldn’t be able to love this one as much as I loved Addy. I didn’t see how it was possible. And I was so worried how it was going to affect Addy. Would she resent this new little baby? Was I taking away part of her toddlerhood? Well….I shouldn’t have worried a bit. God takes care of these things. Somehow my heart was filled with even more love for this second little miracle. And Addy? Best big sister ever. She loves playing with Avery Anne and Avery Anne just watches her big sister and laughs. Addy is growing into such a great little girl. She amazes me more and more each day. Right now she loves being a “princess”. Every day she has to put on a princess skirt, and she’ll say “You missed me? You missed the princess?” She loves dancing, singing (which of course makes Jay very happy), basketball and playing pretend. I can’t wait for Avery Anne to get big enough to play with her! Right now, I’ll lay AA on the floor and Addy will cover her up and play with her while she’s on the floor. If Avery Anne starts crying she’ll love on her and say “it’s ok…it’s ok sweetheart..don’t cry”. It’s sweet! Avery Anne seems like she might end up being a bit of a Daddy’s Girl. She loves watching her Poppa. She grins and laughs and gets so excited.

I want to keep up on this so I can look back and remember all the outlandish, hilariously sweet stuff the girls do, so keep after me to write :)


  1. So glad you started blogging again. Don't know how you find the time but thank you, thank you. Love to all. Rose

  2. I love reading your blogs. It's great getting to "see" your heart as you write about your family. We are so very blessed to have you a part of our family!! Love ya! Gida

  3. So glad you're writing again! I can keep up with you and the girls now!!