Saturday, February 11, 2012

Let's try this again

For months and months I’ve wanted to start writing in the blog again. I got behind at some point and it seemed so hard to write what was necessary to catch up. At one point I actually did it…spent hours finding the right background, the perfect pictures and most of all the right words to sum up months of our lives. I was so relieved to have it done! But then I got a message a few days later that there had been a technical glitch and all the work? Gone. Poof. Then of course homework and life got in the way and I kept thinking I’d get to it later. So instead of doing a photo recap of the last year I’m going to just start on what’s going on now and insert the recap later!

But maybe I should introduce a small addition to the blog….Avery Anne! God has blessed us so much. Avery Anne is an awesome little baby and Addy loves being her big sister. I couldn’t be happier with our little family. Having a second baby is scary. I felt (feel) such overwhelming love for Addy and the thought of having another baby to love really kept me up at night. I worried I wouldn’t be able to love this one as much as I loved Addy. I didn’t see how it was possible. And I was so worried how it was going to affect Addy. Would she resent this new little baby? Was I taking away part of her toddlerhood? Well….I shouldn’t have worried a bit. God takes care of these things. Somehow my heart was filled with even more love for this second little miracle. And Addy? Best big sister ever. She loves playing with Avery Anne and Avery Anne just watches her big sister and laughs. Addy is growing into such a great little girl. She amazes me more and more each day. Right now she loves being a “princess”. Every day she has to put on a princess skirt, and she’ll say “You missed me? You missed the princess?” She loves dancing, singing (which of course makes Jay very happy), basketball and playing pretend. I can’t wait for Avery Anne to get big enough to play with her! Right now, I’ll lay AA on the floor and Addy will cover her up and play with her while she’s on the floor. If Avery Anne starts crying she’ll love on her and say “it’s ok…it’s ok sweetheart..don’t cry”. It’s sweet! Avery Anne seems like she might end up being a bit of a Daddy’s Girl. She loves watching her Poppa. She grins and laughs and gets so excited.

I want to keep up on this so I can look back and remember all the outlandish, hilariously sweet stuff the girls do, so keep after me to write :)

The recap

Coming soon :)

Monday, November 29, 2010


WOW! I’m so far behind! My camera didn’t take great pictures of her party and I was hoping I could edit them but…no luck lol.
We had Adalynn’s birthday party and it was great =) She had the traditional McNabb standing koala bear cake and little ladybug cupcakes. We grilled out at Granny’s house and everyone we know came to play with Addy. We had a blast!!!

My first cake ever-Addy's smash cake =)
Gida's koala bear cake

Fun & games for the kiddos

Jason's favorite-the HUGE bubbles

checkin it out....


Saturday, November 6, 2010

a note for Addy...

My sweet little girl,

This post is so late because every time I sat down to write it I was unable to find the words to explain just how much we love you. I can hardly believe we had your first birthday a couple weeks ago. This year has just flown by and your Daddy and I have loved every precious second of it. You’ve brought such joy to our lives. We never could have imagined just how much we would love you and how much you would bring to our lives. You’re such a great baby (and that’s not bias-everyone says so!). I love how curious and observant you are, watching you discover the world is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever experienced. I love how you prefer all your books spread out on the floor so you can sit in the middle and read them all. You get so offended when I put them up haha. You can sit back there for an hour, flip through them and “read” them to yourself. I love the way your eyes light up and you say “Mmm” when you eat something new. You are such a sweet, cuddly girl. You’ll just come over and hug and kiss all over us and it’s the sweetest thing. Your favorite game is chase, and just by saying “I’m gonna get you”, you’ll turn and run off laughing hysterically. And now you’re starting to realize you can get us too =) I look forward to every morning…your smile is such a great way to start the day! You’re such a mischievous little girl. One of your favorite games is offering us a bite then pulling it away…you do it over and over and think it’s the funniest thing in the world. This afternoon you did it to Daddy and after a few times you popped it in your mouth and said “Mmm” =) Daddy has been dancing with you and I love watching the two of you waltz around the living room. You’ll lay your head down and hum softly along. I’m filled with such love at moments like this. You are the best part of us and have made our lives so much better. We love you so SO much, sweet girl.

Love you always,

Mommy and Daddy

PS: Score one for mom and dad….we made it through the first year without any injuries or you getting sick (runny noses don’t count!)!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Too funny

There’s no telling what Chloe did to make Addy mad but she’s  been following her around all day-she’ll point and yell at her, and she scrunches her whole face, wrinkles her nose and starts breathing really heavy through it…possibly the funniest thing I’ve seen ever =)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

She know what she wants...

I put Addy’s shoes on her and she stomped her foot a couple times, gave me a confused look, and stomped some more. When she realized they weren’t squeaky shoes, she started shaking her head no and went to her shoe drawer and got the pair she wanted-squeaky shoes, of course!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Pumpkin Hollow

Addy had just woke up and was too curious to smile much but here are some cute pictures!

And my favorite...........